HTI Pavan Halayvi (High Speed) DSL

HTI Pavan Halayvi (High-Speed) DSL service connects you to the Internet at incredible speeds - up to 15 Megs per second. And with high-speed Internet access, you can browse the Web or check e-mail without interfering with your voice calls or tying up your phone line.

The Internet: The World at your Fingertips

There has never been a better time to become an Internet traveler! Just a few years ago, no one could have predicted the impact the Internet would have on so many people. It offers you the world - access to a wealth of information and immediate communication through e-mail and instant messaging - every day for both personal and business uses.

It also enables us to send pictures, research a school paper, play games, download music, watch videos, check the weather, and more. From online banking and stock trading to travel and hotel reservations, the Internet is nurturing an online economy that's full of exciting ways to better serve customers. The Internet is bringing significant convenience to many lives, and its popularity and power will only grow.

HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL: Making the Internet Part of our Customers' Lives
We at HTI are especially proud to provide our customers with high-speed DSL service. Access to information is critical, and HTI believes our Internet service has something to offer everyone. More than that, we believe that HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL helps us accomplish our mission of bringing you the best telecom has to offer - reliable, dependable services that you expect and demand.

The Board and staff at HTI have worked hard to put in place the network upgrades needed to offer you high-speed Internet service. It has been a demanding process, requiring both significant investment dollars and staff time and resources. Serving high-cost rural areas is always a challenge; bringing high-speed Internet access to our tribal lands is even harder. Unfortunately, HTI is able to deploy DSL service to all our customers. But we plan to continue our network upgrades to achieve our service goal of bringing DSL to almost all (95%) of our customers. Meanwhile, we felt it was important to make high-speed Internet access available to as many customers as possible. So, to those of you we can't reach yet, please be patient a bit longer - we understand how much folks have come to depend on the Internet, and we'll get the technology to you as fast as we can.

Yes, the Internet looms to be an integral part of our connection to information - to the national economy - and to the world, for years to come. It beckons a whole new way to approach education, information, entertainment, and communication. And HTI has embraced that new philosophy as much as anyone. We're excited about offering this service to you and connecting you to this remarkable resource! We welcome the opportunity to help you venture online, and we know you will relish the experience.

With HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL, you enjoy:

High-Speed Access at Affordable Rates
Download pictures and graphics almost instantly!

A Constant Connection
Always-on access; you don't have to dial up each time you go online, so there's no waiting or busy signals.

No Need for a Second Line
The same phone line is used for both voice service and high-speed Internet!

Call-and-Surf Capability
Talk on the phone while another family member surfs the Net.

A Dedicated Connection
Your HTI connection is yours alone - no sharing with other users, and no slowing down as others log on.

HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL service requires a special DSL modem to connect with the Internet. The current modem charge is a flat, one-time fee of $90.

Rate Plans:
(where available, residential & business)*

Residental - All speeds are downstream.
RP 1 4 Meg $26.00 per month$90 modem fee
RP 2 6 Meg $42.00 per month$90 modem fee
RP 3 8 Meg $58.00 per month$90 modem fee
RP 410 Meg $75.00 per month$90 modem fee
RP 515 Meg $120.00 per month$90 modem fee
Small Business and NON-Profit Org. - All speeds are downstream.
SBP 1 4 Meg $37.00 per month$90 modem fee
SBP 2 6 Meg $57.00 per month$90 modem fee
SBP 3 8 Meg $78.00 per month$90 modem fee
SBP 410 Meg $98.00 per month$90 modem fee
SBP 515 Meg $150.00 per month$90 modem fee

Each HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL plan includes five e-mail address, as well as free virus protection and spam filtering for your e-mail, and free spyware and antivirus software to protect your home computers.

* HTI landline telephone service is required for all Pavan Halayvi DSL customers.

HTI's installation is to the demarcation point at your location. An HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL account includes termination to ONE computer only; up to three filters; and an Ethernet cable. Installation does not include inside wiring. An Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) is required for DSL service, and the customer is responsible for installing and configuring the NIC (most computers sold in recent years are equipped with an Ethernet port and NIC). HTI will not install the NIC in the customer's computer.

NOTE: HTI is not responsible for service issues related to a customer's computer, network, or software.

Optional DSL/Inside Wire Maintenance Plan:
HTI offers a DSL/Inside Wire Maintenance Plan for $5.95 per month (business and residential), that covers labor costs for a technician to go to a customer's location in response to a request to identify trouble. The plan covers both customer premise equipment (CPE or modem) and inside wiring that was properly installed (per NEC). The customer's computer or other personal devices are NOT covered under this plan.

If you do not subscribe to HTI's inside wire maintenance service, and during a service call HTI finds the trouble to be in your inside wiring or modem, you will be charged a $19.00 service charge and the cost of materials to fix the problem.

Some Things to Remember about DSL:
DSL technology is distance-sensitive, and becomes less consistent as customers approach the limit of 18,000 feet from the remote office that serves their home or business. HTI provides all Pavan Halayvi DSL customers up to the requested amount of bandwidth, but we remind you that actual transmission speeds may vary. Since high-speed data transmission can cause noise on your telephone, HTI service includes filter(s) to prevent noise that comes through the wire and interferes with your calls.

For more information about HTI Pavan Halayvi DSL, please call our business office at 928-738-HOPI (4674), e-mail us at For an application for RESIDENTIAL DSL please click the following link. DSL Application. For an application for Small Business-NON_Profit please click the following link. Small Business / Non-Profit DSL Application