Landline Phone Services

Residental Phone
Basic Telephone service is $28.00 a month w/ a minimum $55.00 Deposit.
Basic Lifeline Telephone service is $1.00 a month and the Deposit is waived.

List of features that accompany telephone accounts along with their monthly cost:
(click any of the features below for further details)

Customers can pick and choose which features they want to add to their service-only then will HTI add it on.

For existing customers who want to add features there is a $20.00 service charge each time a feature is added. There is no charge to remove a feature. *It's best if a customer chooses their features all at once so we don.t have to charge them a week later when they decide to get an additional feature. **For a brand new account-they have 30 days to decide if they want any features and we won.t charge to add it on if it's within the 30 day grace period.